Here comes the sun… 🙂 …We are a group of tight-knit home buyers in Houston focusing on helping and creating the best possible offers for everyone we work with, while developing and renovating the properties in our local communities. Choosing the right group to sell your Houston house to can have a great impact on the experience and outcome.

We take every situation with utmost respect and abide by our Core Values. Even our symbol speaks about our mindset, we chose the sunrise because the sun always rises, and no matter the situation, there will be a brighter day. This is the motto we take when working with you to create the ideal home buying solution.

Our Core Values

Service Oriented

Understand Your Situation

Never Quit



Satisfy Your Needs

Exceed Expectations

Anyways, we can go on and on but we are here for YOU so feel free to call or message us with any questions regarding real estate anything! We hope that you are able to find the best solution for your property situation and we’re always here to help, anytime. We are local Houston house buyers on a mission… what mission? Learn more about our unique personal missions.

Our Contact Information:

Sunrise House Buyers TX
435 Murphy Road, Suite B1 #106
Stafford, Texas 77477

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