How Do I Sell My House In Houston Fast?

Selling Your Houston Home to US Takes Simply 3 Steps:

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Timeline: The whole process can be completed in as little as 7 days! The closing date is flexible, just let us know when you want to sell and often times we can make it work.

We want to be fully transparent to allow you to understand our side of the transaction. We do our best to come up with mutually beneficial offers that will make you happy and allow our business to continue growing.

Your Offer

Creating the offer is one of the most important aspects of our house buying process. The main things we need to consider:

Comparative Market Analysis: The goal of a CMA is to estimate the After Repair Value (ARV) of your property, in other words the projected market value of your house. This is done by looking at similar recently sold homes in your neighborhood. The critical factors to consider include the square footage of the house and lot, the number of beds and baths, and amenities like a pool.

Repairs Needed: We estimate the cost of repairs needed on your property to bring it up to current market standards. If the kitchen hasn’t been updated since the house was bought, chances are it will need updating. The critical repairs to consider include the foundation, the roof, the A/C, plumbing and the electrical. These are often the priciest repairs to take on.

The Magic Formula

Now that we have the main components, we can put it all together to show you how exactly our offers are calculated. See the video to get an explanation of our formula 🙂

Houston House Buyers - How It Works - Sell My Houston House
What does this even mean?!…
[ARV: After Repair Value]
The After Repair Value is the projected value of the property ONCE we make all the renovations to meet the current market standards.

[Repairs Needed]
This is all the renovations we need to make ONCE we buy the property to meet today’s market and code standards.

[Holding Costs]
These are the costs we will incur while renovating the property to 2019 market standards and selling it with an agent ONCE we buy the house from you. This includes paying the property taxes, agent fees, closing costs, etc. Although you won’t have to worry about the agent fees and closing costs when we buy the house from you, we will have to use an agent to sell that same house on the market after we have fixed it up.

[Our Minimum Profit]
The last piece of the equation is, of course, our minimum profit (without this we can’t stay in business). This profit is our reward ONCE all the work (and risk) is taken to renovate the property and re-sold on the market. This helps cover our overhead costs as well as keep the team happy and on their way to fulfilling our personal missions.

Selling Your Houston House Can Be A Fast And Simple Process

You don’t have to worry about repairing, cleaning, or staging your property. We will buy your house AS-IS …no matter how new or outdated… no matter the situation…and most of all, no matter how far it is (with this Houston TRAFFIC!)

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