Tips on Selling House in Houston TX

I Need to Sell My House,What’s the Best Advice?

So you’ve decided it’s time to sell your house, great! Now you might be thinking, what’s the best way to sell my house? Here are some tips to get your house sold.

Price it right

Setting the right price from the beginning is crucial. You don’t want to price it too low, because you may lose out on money. You don’t want to price it too high because then you’ll be playing the waiting game… with no buyer, not a great game to play.

Fix Major Issues

This is where most of the work, and money, can come in. If you have to repair a critical component of the house, such as the foundation, this might make your selling journey much more tedious. Unless you plan to sell the house below market value due to not being in great condition, repairing the house will take some work and needs to be planned out well. You will have to work with contractors, or reliable companies to bring out the best in your house.

If the critical components, such as the foundation, roof, A/C, plumbing or electrical is compromised, you may want to consider selling directly to cash buyers that buy properties as-is. We buy houses in Houston in any condition and can buy your house fast.


Staging the House

Quality pictures make a big difference in gaining attention to your property. With technology now a days, you can even have a “virtual” staging where the house may be empty but furniture is added in the pictures to make it look like a full, decorated house.

The drawback of this ofcourse, is that when the buyers go to look at the house they will have to use their imagination to visualize the furniture.


There are peak times when families are looking to buy homes that are better than others. The summer time is the highest season of transactions while the winter time is the slowest season.

Putting it All Together

Once you’ve measured and calculated the cost of repairing the kitchen. Start getting bids for every component that needs updating. Be sure to verify the company doing the renovations/repairs is credible.


Would You Rather Avoid the Repair Process to Sell Your Houston House?

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