5 Ways to Build Your Houston Real Estate Portfolio From Scratch in 2021

Think becoming a real estate investor isn’t an option for you? By taking action now, you can begin building your real estate portfolio, which is one of the surest ways to earn enough to enjoy the retirement of your dreams! Real estate investors know that they can build wealth while creating more monthly cash flow. They are also planning for the passive income they can rely on in the future. We will cover five ways you can build your Houston real estate portfolio from scratch. 

Set Goals and Make a Plan

Real estate investing is a business, and it’s essential for the best outcome that you educate yourself about the subject of analyzing deals before you begin. Outstanding achievements always start with a plan to reach a goal. The same holds when you set out to build your Houston real estate portfolio from scratch. Through your dedication, you can manage your holdings by making adjustments to remain on top of your investments and earn the most return on your investment dollars.

Multi-Family Property 

By purchasing multi-family housing and living in one of the units, you can get started with your Houston real estate portfolio from scratch. You’ll qualify for mortgage rates as a primary residence, saving a great deal of money. You’ll receive tax deductions, such as the ability to write off repairs and other qualifying expenses because it is an income property! You’ll also have the benefit of your renters paying at least a portion of your mortgage payment, all while building equity, as you hold the property over the long term. 

Invest in Land

Another way to start up your Houston real estate portfolio from scratch is by investing in raw land because you can begin with a smaller investment and may not even require a bank loan to get started. 

Depending on the tract’s size, the land could then be subdivided and sold for a profit, lease to renters, develop your property with new construction, or simply hold the property, allowing it to grow in value over time. Investing in raw land, and exploring the multitude of income opportunities land offers, is a wise way to strengthen and diversify your portfolio.

Mobile Homes

When creating your Houston real estate portfolio from scratch, you may want to invest in mobile homes, generally much less than traditional homes; they make an excellent entry-level investment. Additionally, they offer your portfolio diversity by tapping into a different Houston housing market sector. As with land and other investment opportunities, there are many ways you can profit from mobile homes, such as rehabbing and resales, rental, or even offering a rent-to-own agreement.


You could kick off your Houston real estate portfolio from scratch by investing with a partner. Naturally, you’ll want to do your due diligence and seek out trusted and knowledgeable partners. The right partners can help you successfully build a real estate business that is mutually beneficial—avoiding the costly lessons learned through the pitfalls of poorly thought-out partnerships. Consider working with a trusted family member or friend with a record of success in real estate investments or, better yet, network until you find a professional that you can feel confident in from the real estate industry.

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